Clearing Yourself and Your Space


  • Cord Cutting and Soul Fragment Retrieval
  • Either Reiki I or Introduction to Spirituality   

This is a half-day afternoon class that follows the morning class, "Cord Cutting and Soul Fragmentation Retrieval".

Now that you have learned how to cut cords and call back your soul fragments, it's time to keep yourself spiritually "clean" as much as possible.   This class will teach you methods to protect yourself and your family on a regular basis from negative energies, attachments, waywards and fallens, and we will also learn what each of these are. 

Then we will look at different methods, prayers and meditations to keep your space clear, wherever that may be, and how to cleanse and clear it of any unwanted entities.  We will not cover every possible method, but cover enough so that you feel confident putting one or more into practice immediately.  If you are moving into a new home or know someone else who is or have a property that is just not selling or a place you believe may be haunted, this information will be invaluable.  

Come learn how to clear these spaces and many others and do a spiritual service to those who formerly inhabited these places.