Cord Cutting and Soul Fragment Retrieval


  • Reiki I, or
  • Introduction to Spirituality

This is a 3-hour morning class that precedes, and is a prerequisite for, "Clearing Yourself and Your Space", which will be taught in the afternoon.  Receive a discount for enrolling in both classes on the same day.

Invisible cords connect us to many things:  people, places, things, ideas, ideologies, and feelings.  Some cords are good, while others create drama, pain, torment, and even physical ailments.  I'm sure you can look at your life now or some time in the past and think of a person that you just couldn't seem to forgive or someone you thought about often, or even had dreams about.  Or what about the person that cut you off in traffic and gave you an unkind hand gesture and you replayed that scenario over and over in your mind and let it affect your mood for at least brief period?  Compare that to the love and devotion you feel for your children or a pet or a significant other and how you just "know" things about them or can sense their feelings.  

Our connections with others and, like I said, also with places, ideas or things, create cords and it is the unhealthy cords that we will be examining in this class, the effects it has on both you and the other person, why they were formed in the first place, and how you can remove or cut them.   This is a class that will entail a lot of personal work examining cords and then using different methods to remove or cut them.  

Then we will learn about soul fragmentation and how it can leave us feeling hurt by someone else and why we can't seem to let go of the hurt.  We will go through a process called soul fragmentation retrieval.  This exercise will leave you feeling more whole and empowered than ever before and give you tremendous healing from past or present painful relationships.  

Other topics we will also explore include psychic vampires and psychic attacks and how to protect yourself from them and what to do if they occur. You will be taught how to regularly monitor and clean yourself from all of these things to reduce the amount of drama you experience in your life. 

This class should be on everyone's "must-take" list due to the incredible emotional freedom and healing that takes place.