Meditation for Children

This class is 2-1/2 hours long with several "wiggle breaks".   It is intended for children ages 7-12.  Parents are encouraged to stay and supervise their children so that I may keep my focus on instruction and not on correction.  A healthy breakfast before class that is low in sugar or sugar free would be greatly appreciated!  :-)


With our busy lives, it can be easy to overlook the need for our children to find peace, both internally and externally.  This class is intended to help your child find some inner peace by going within.  

In this class, I will explain what meditation is and how it can help in so many areas of our lives.  Children will learn how simple meditation really is and how you don't have to have much time at all to realize its benefits.  We will learn techniques to quiet "monkey mind" and be fully engaged in meditation.  

Children will learn several different types of meditation so that they can leave feeling confident in their abilities and have one or more chosen favorites to begin implementing right away.   They will even learn how easy it is to develop their own meditation!

Children will leave with an assignment to meditate every day for 21 days and can return their completed "Meditation Journey" form to me to receive a special treat!