More and more people are turning to alternative treatments to balance, energize and heal themselves, body, mind and spirit.  Considered alternative medicine, Reiki healing is energy healing and works with Source Energy.  Like a weed in your garden, unless you pull that weed up by the root, it will continue to grow and gain a larger and larger foothold. Instead of just addressing the symptoms like traditional medicine does, Reiki digs into the cause and sparks the healing process from the "root".  

Just as you care for your physical body, Reiki nurtures your energy body--the part that is most always overlooked.  In Reiki, I assist in the balancing of your chakras (energy centers), while at the same time allowing your body to pull as much energy as it deems necessary to various parts of your body that need it at that particular time to aid in self-healing. Women experiencing post-partum depression have noted improved  results with Reiki.

Types of Reiki:

  • In-person -  While lying on a massage table fully clothed, be prepared to revel in the feeling of being completely relaxed and free from all stress and worries.  The feeling you have afterwards is unparalleled. 
  • Long distance - Reiki does not have to be performed in person.  If you have a friend or loved one in need of long distance Reiki, feel free to contact me.
  • Animal Reiki -  Just like people, animals of all kinds can benefit from Reiki and having their energy centers balanced in order to maintain or improve their health.  Call me for more information about this unique healing service for your animal friends.