Reiki I & II for Children and Teens

This class is intended for children 9 years and older. 

In this all-day combined Reiki I and II class for children and teens, children will learn what energy is and how it can be harnessed and used to heal themselves and others.  

In this class, children will:

  • Learn what Reiki is
  • Learn a brief history of Reiki
  • Learn how Reiki works
  • Learn how to perform self-Reiki and practice on themselves
  • Learn how to prepare themselves before giving someone Reiki
  • Learn and pratice how to give Reiki to someone else
  • Learn the first two sacred Reiki symbols
  • Learn how to send distant Reiki to people and places

Reiki is a wonderful tool to give your child because children tend to be much more open to energy healing that many adults and it almost seems to come more naturally for them.  Reiki can also give children and teens a sense of empowerment and help them feel like they have some ability to influence themselves and their environment through the flow of unconditional love.