Self-Healing 101


  • Reiki I, or
  • Introduction to Spirituality

The things that a person can need healing from could fill volumes of books, so this class will focus on what are considered to be some common root causes:  feelings of worthlessness, feeling unloved and/or unlovable,  feeling insignificant, feeling abandoned (by God or people), having unhealthy cord or soul attachments, remaining in toxic relationships, and fear, among other things.  

We will begin the class with a self-healing meditation and talk about the importance of having a daily meditation practice and learn where to find resources to help us with our meditation.  We will also discuss the role of hypnosis in self-healing.  We will look at the role that beliefs play in our health, search for patterns in our lives.  

After that, we will roll up our sleeves and dig in the mud and dirt to find out what some of our root causes may be.  Once that is complete, we will learn what a healing master and a psychic surgeon are and connect with these two spiritual helpers and learn how they can help us in the ongoing healing process.  

We will learn different ways to remove negative thought patterns that are the culprit for virtually every physical and emotional issue that we have and learn how to become more aware when we find ourselves repeating these patterns so that we can stop them before they harm us.   You will leave this class with tools to start you on your journey of self-healing and with a list of resources to assist you with furthering your studies.