What is QHHT Hypnosis?

 This video describes in my own words what QHHT, or Quantum Healing  Hypnosis Technique, is and gives examples of how it radically changes  people's lives and answers questions that can leave them feeling  liberated and free. 

What to Expect in Your QHHT Session

What can you expect in a QHHT Hypnosis session and how can you prepare?  Watch this short video to learn all about your upcoming session.

QHHT Hypnosis - What is a Walk-in?

 Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) can be used to learn much  about yourself, your life, your purpose, your goals, your health, and to  answer a myriad of questions you may have.  In this video, I explain  something called a walk-in, as described to me by a QHHT client's Higher Self.

Higher Self Talks about the Role of Self-Love in Healing

 A QHHT client's higher self discusses the role of self-love and acceptance in healing ourselves.